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Caring for an aging loved one is an often daunting task, with difficult decisions to be made on a daily basis. Preparing for the end of a loved one’s life can be nothing short of painful. Coming up with the right questions and being fully informed of your full range of options may seem impossible. But at TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group, we are committed to helping you weather the storm by guiding you through this difficult process.  We are the support you need. We are TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group.

Mission Statement

TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group is dedicated to providing ethical guidance and support to seniors, caregivers and those with special needs, focusing on individualized challenges and requirements. We know and understand that no two individuals and no two families are exactly alike – each come with their own legacy of memories and personalities.  Our mission is to enhance and embrace cultural diversity and ensure that all people, no matter their creed or color, are given the respect and care they deserve. Through partnering with healthcare and legal service providers, as well as with housing and financial professions who share our philosophy of personal respect and care, our aim is to provide families with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, to preserve their resources, and to enjoy precious time with their loved ones.

Pres. Tonnalee Batchelor & VP Tuona Batchelor

Vision Statement

The long term goal of TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group is to have a continued effect on the elderly and their families’ abilities to preserve the dignity and legacies of those individuals faced with the need for long term care. By assisting families in making informed decisions regarding legal, financial, health and housing selections, it is our mission to aid families in making the most beneficial decisions for their aging loved ones. A reputation of trust and a legacy of caring will evolve TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group into a nationwide model for end of life advisement.

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