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Wednessday, Feb. 25, 2015 at 2PM

Topic: Age Friendly Community

Location: Baptist Manor Senior Apartments

276 Linwood Ave. Buffalo, NY 

Call 716-202-8177 for more information 



Engage in candid conversations addressing senior care in the monthly Preserving Our Legacies forums in our community. Call 716-202-8177 to reserve your seats. The more we speak up, the closer we get to real solutions.

The TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group is your full range support network in senior care and planning. Our trusted team of advisers in the legal, financial, health, and housing industries will walk with you through the many extensive processes to be encountered as senior care becomes a part of your everyday living. Read more

Built but Not Bestowed

At some point, our society began to adopt a belief that a life’s worth started and ended with each individual.  Everything that a person contributes appears with them and then vanishes or ends with their death.  There’s nothing left to build from, nothing more to expand or develop. It is the philosophy of various cultures that we must plan for seven generations in the future.  Too often, today’s society inherits debt and broken bonds.  It is our responsibility to help start developing plans for the future generation – to share what we want them to have.  We must start planning, saving, and helping to bestow our earthly values, goods, and vision upon those to come after us.  It isn’t easy work, and often requires frank and honest examination and conversation.  How will we begin to create a legacy?  And if we have a legacy (as all of us do), how does the family come together to preserve it and build upon it?  Get answers and solutions by participating in the Preserving Our Legacies Series sponsored by TBatchelor Geriatric Advisory Group.  Join our conversations on air or live in a forum. Learn more



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